Bridge and Games

Bridge, Mah Jongg, Canasta, Scrabble, and Backgammon

Bridge and Games

Please note: the first time you visit us you will be required to show proof of complete vaccination.


North American Pairs (RED POINT!!) Qualifying games:
Note: Only our Open and 499er games are the right MP limits to also act as NAP Qualifying games.

Monday, July 19th, through Saturday, July 24th.
Now all of our Open afternoon games are at 1:00 pm including Tuesday.
$25.00…No extra charge for the NAP.
All of these games will earn double points
, As is the case with all of our regularly scheduled afternoon f2f games, they will benefit from the added tables from our (All For One) afternoon online 499er afternoon game. For example: If we have 12 tables at the club and 12 tables online…Overall awards at the club will be based on 24 tables, not 12. This is ACBL’s way of rewarding the players coming to f2f clubs and the clubs themselves that have been giving it their best shot to reopen.

STARDUST week at All-For-One online

Stardust week is an ONLINE Gold Point event running from Monday July 26th through Sunday August 1st.
For this special week additional games have been added to our online schedule. For a complete list of our online games visit the online bridge tab at the top of this page or use the button below.

August’s North American Pairs Qualifying Games
at Bridge and Games, our 87th Street Club

1:00 pm Wednesday, August 25th through Tuesday, August 31st (no game on Sunday).
24 boards…$25.00 with lunch.
6:30 pm Monday, August 30th.
24 boards…$25.00 with pizza. 
Especially for this game…you MUST, MUST make a reservation: RSVP…

August’s Online NAP Qualifying games
on BBO at All For One! Online

Monday, August 16th, through Sunday, August 22nd
Our regular 499er games are every afternoon, seven days a week, at 1:00pm. Marin Marinov hosts a very popular free post-game session every Sunday afternoon.
18 boards….$9.00 which includes ACBL’s fees.
We will add two Open games to our schedule.
1:00 pm Tuesday, August 17th and 1:00 pm Wednesday, August 18th.
18 boards…$10.00 which includes ACBL’s fees.

We will add two Open games to our schedule.
7:00 pm Monday, August 16th and 7:00 pm Thursday, August 19th
18 boards…$10.00 which includes ACBL’s fees.
These two evening games are designed to take advantage of the large online James Southern 999er fields that we regularly draw on those evenings.

Bridge and Games is our name. We are at 87th Street and 3rd Avenue. It will be our only home for in-person Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jongg, Scrabble, Backgammon, and Euro-style board games for the next several months.

We Have Expanded. We are now on both the third and fourth floors…302A and 405.

Bridge will be on the 3rd floor.
Mah Jongg and Canasta will be on the 4th floor.
Scrabble will be on the 4th floor.
Backgammon will be on the 4th floor.

For information about BRIDGE, CANASTA and MAH JONGG, SCRABBLE and BACKGAMMON please click on the appropriate prompt at the top of this page.

Even when the pandemic is just a bad memory, masking will not only be permitted, but encouraged, especially during flue season or whenever there is an outbreak of colds within our community.

We have learned much from the pandemic. In order to help mitigate the spread of any viral or bacterial air borne disease, weather permitting, we will leave our windows open and our three ceiling fans running. In addition, we have three state-of-the-art, powerful HEPA filters to aid in sterilizing and circulating the air up to four times an hour


Bridge and Games has two entrances.
177 East 87th Street is between Third and Lexington, closer to Third. Elevator access only.
1556 Third Avenue is between 87th and 88th Street and has handicapped access, elevator, and stairs.
The doorman will buzz you in.
We are located on the 3rd floor, Suite 301A, which is just off the 87th Street elevator.
Our phone number is (212) 457-0894.

Mah Jongg

Dragons, Cracks, and Dots OH MY!
Monday through Thursday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
On the 4th floor (Suite 405)


Who needs BBO?
Afternoon open games Monday through Friday
Evening open games Monday and Thursday


Monday through Thursday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
On the fourth floor (suite 405).

Thank you!

Bridge and Games

177 East 87th Street, Suite 3A or 1556 3rd Avenue
New York, New York 10128
(212) 457-0894