All Types of Doubles

with Yefim Shoykhet

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Beginning the 14th (skipping Jewish holidays)

This is not a basic course. Some knowledge of doubles is expected. Yefim will be taking concepts that you somewhat know and expanding and hopefully solidifying and integrating them into your bidding system. Yefim happens to also be a master at combining themes with interesting, sometimes even devilish, declarer play hands.

Topics include:
Take-out versus penalty doubles: Learn to tell when one may become the other!
Power doubles
Negative and Responsive doubles
Balancing/reopening doubles
Lead directional doubles.
Maximal doubles
And many more.

Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot.

The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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