Defense 101 & Advanced Defense

with Shlomit Rind

Defense 101 – Tuesday 1:30 pm
Advanced Defense – Tuesday 10:00 AM

Defense 101: Defense from the ground up: discover the excitement of defense! When the opponents win the contract, this is not the time to shop online! Once you learn the basics of defense, you will realize that you can win the board and defeat the opponent’s contract when following basic defense guidelines. One of the most important moments for defense is the opening lead. This can make or break a contract. What do you lead  against a suit contract vs. No Trump contract?  Signals: first discard, attitude, suit preference, count. Second and Third-Hand play. If these sound like a foreign language, this is the class for you!

Advanced defense: This course is designed for students who already took the basic defense course and are ready to use all that they have learned and more: learn how to count tricks, count points, listen to the auction, compare strategies against NT contract vs. Suit contract, determine whether you should return your partner’s suit or switch a suit. Learn to decide when you do not follow 2nd and 3rd hand guidelines. Visualize the opponent’s hand and much more.

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The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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