Plan like an Expert

with Shlomit Rind

Monday from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Beginning November 14th

If you ever visit a bridge club, where you don’t know any of the players, how would you know the skill level of your opponent? The answer is simple: the expert Declarer takes the longest time to play the first card. The expert invests more time in planning, and thereby ensures best results and faster play of the hand.

The lower level bridge player feels ‘guilty’ of taking up the time in planning, and therefore, plays the first card following the lead almost instantly. As a result, the Declarer gets in trouble. The end result is that the Declarer takes up more time to play the hand and does not win the maximum number of tricks.

This 6-week course will train you to take the time to plan the play of the hand, and will highlight what is involved in the Declarer’s plan. In the first 6-weeks we focused on suit contracts. This time we will discuss No Trump contracts and then put it all together.

If you miss a lesson, no worries… you will be provided with the recording and the hands that we practice in class.

Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot.

The cost is $290 for 6-weeks, $240 with EASY PASS. 

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