1430 Blackwood and Control Bids

SPECIAL 3-week Course with Jeff Badler

Monday at 6:30 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM

The goal is for you to feel comfortable using control bids to decide if you should be investigating slam.  Then use the 1430 Roman Keycard Blackwood convention (RKC) to find a slam or prevent you from bidding a bad one.  Jeff Badler will teach you the basics of RKC and how control bids help get you there.

Many hands will be bid and played and extensive notes will be distributed, along with hands for you to practice on your own.  The course will be offered separately on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Ongoing Classes

DatesClass Description
MONDAY JULY 26, 2021The purpose of control bids
* What do they indicate about your hand? And what do they say is NOT in your hand?
* What needs to be in your hand to make a control bid?
* How do I know my partner is bidding a control?
TUESDAY JULY 27, 2021The purpose of control bids (see above)
MONDAY AUGUST 2, 2021Blackwood
* Why 1430 Roman Keycard Blackwood?
* Is every hand using Blackwood going to end in a slam?
* What does each bid mean?
* Which partner should initiate Blackwood?
TUESDAY AUGUST 3, 2021Blackwood (see above)
MONDAY AUGUST 9, 2021Putting it all together
*  Am I still missing information?
*  What if I need to know more to decide?
*  What bids request more information?
TUESDAY AUGUST 10, 2021Putting it all together (see above)

The cost is $135 for 3 classes, $105 with EASY PASS. 

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