The Whole Megillah…From the Beginning

with Jeff Badler

Fridays from 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Beginning october 1, 2021

The Whole Megillah comes from a Yiddish expression which means the entirety of something, involving a long, complicated story. You’ll be bidding and playing lots of hands every session. You will get to declare every hand. Then each hand will be explained. The course includes lessons on preemptive bidding, utilizing 2 over 1, and slam auctions including Key-Card Blackwood. Various topics are emphasized each week. Always something interesting.

The Monday & Tuesday sessions of Whole Megillah class have been running continuously with a loyal following for over 12 months, with no end in sight.  The Friday morning session will be a return to the beginning.  You will learn new techniques to make you a better declarer, and gain the confidence to get you ready for competitive duplicate bridge. As if that’s not enough, you just might find your future bridge partner(s) for our Newplicate introductory competitive bridge games.  This class is intended for those who have completed the Beginner series or equivalent experience.

The cost is $40 per class, $30 with EASY PASS. 

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