Card Sense Basics

with Jeff Hand

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM beginning october 6th- First two lessons on Fridays at 6:30 PM
Thursday Mornings 9:50 AM beginning september 23rd

To be certain that students are ready to fully understand card play, we will begin with two weeks of optional lessons. Starting the week of 09/20/2021 we will cover the mechanics of card play and play two hands in No Trump and two hands in trump contracts. The next week we will cover the mechanics of bidding and play No Trump and trump contracts.  After that class we will only discuss the bidding that relates to the hands that we play. The full series of card sense basics will cover: No Trump opening lead strategies, avoiding and overcoming blockage problems as you win your immediate winners; establishing additional tricks by promotion, winning tricks with long suits and by finessing (3 different chapters on finessing); how opening lead strategies change in trump contracts, attitude signals on defense; how declarer responds to the defensive threat; how declarer play strategies change from No Trump to trump play, we will start with the nature of trumps and how some strategies change when declarer establishes tricks, how declarer counts losers and when declarer should draw trump; how defensive strategies change in trump contracts; and a general review.

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The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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Class size is limited to 10 playing students
Attend as a kibitzing student (observe and attend lesson without playing) for $15.00