Just Throw it in…

Loser on Loser and Endplays

SPECIAL 3-week Course with Jeff Badler & Joe Byrnes

The first of the three classes will be Mon Nov 22 at 6:30 PM and Tues Nov 23 at 9:00 AM

Both of these play-of-the-hand techniques involve giving up a trick to the defense in order to accomplish your goals.  Two of our premier instructors, Jeff Badler and Joe Byrnes are collaborating to teach you two critical approaches to play a hand.  Thou one of our students referred to these as “Genius,” it is not particularly difficult material. You will learn when to use each one and how to execute them.  It will surely increase your abilities as a declarer by adding two very important techniques to your repertoire. 

This course will be given in three consecutive weeks.  Each week, the class will be given on Monday evening at 6:30 PM and Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM. You may attend either one or both at no additional cost. Many players realize that repetition is an excellent way to learn and use new concepts.   Pre-class exercises, class notes and hands played with explanations will be provided and you will receive a recording in case you miss a week.

In order to participate in this course, you must have completed our Club’s Beginner series, or have equivalent playing experience.  Advanced Beginner and Intermediate players will find this helpful.

You don’t need a partner to attend as it this is pure declarer play.  This course is about making YOU better when it is your turn to play.  There will be many practice hands to play and you will be the declarer for every hand.

The cost is $180 for 3 classes, $150 with EASY PASS. 

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