Hand Evaluation – Bergen style

with Jeff Hearn

Wednesdays 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Have you ever been frustrated because your partnership missed a game that in hindsight should have been bid? Especially one that several other pairs in your section reached?

Even worse, you thought you had followed the guidelines that you had been taught. You even went over them afterwards with your partner.

Many years ago Marty Bergen, one of the gurus of modern bidding theory, introduced us to the concept of DECLARER POINTS vs DUMMY POINTS. They are actually worlds apart, yet many players continue to treat them as if they were one and the same.
Dummy’s length points. Declarer’s length points. Dummy’s shortness points. Declarer’s shortness. Cards and holdings that gain in value during an auction. Cards and holdings that lose some or most of their value. And lots more.

With an emphasis on suit contracts, this four-week course will present you with the finer points of the Bergen method of appraising a hand. It is a given, that after just these four lessons, you won’t be missing nearly as many contracts as you should be reaching, nor reaching contracts that you should be avoiding

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The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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