Just Beyond Beginner Bridge

Series 1

with Jeff Badler

Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Beginning December 21st skipping december 28th

You completed the Beginner Series.  Congratulations.  Or maybe you haven’t played in a while and need to brush up.  This new course is for you.  If you never had one of Jeff Badler’s classes, come see why many of his classes have been going continuously for more than 2 years.   

You need to learn control and slam bids.   And you must get very comfortable with the 2 over 1 bidding system, which is mandatory learning for new players.  And since there are several alternatives, we need to learn when NOT to use it.  This will all be explained in great detail during the new online course. “Just Beyond Beginner Bridge.” Jeff will introduce new topics to bring your game to a higher level, and give you more practice of the play of the hand techniques you’ve learned.   

Each series is taught in 6 week increments.  Often a class builds on previous ones.  Don’t worry… if you miss a session, Jeff will provide a good quality recording, the hands and class notes (given in advance of class) so you will never fall behind. 

Those who participate will be invited to in house events where you will be accustomed to face to face play, which is very different than playing in online tournaments.

This will be billed as a 6 week course. The cost is $295 or $260 if you have the club’s Easy Pass.   Use this class to really solidify your game and with practice, you will a much better player than when you started.  When the 6 weeks  concludes, Jeff will introduce another group of playing and bidding techniques.  

Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 1 takes place on Dec 21st, (skips Dec 28th,) Jan 4, 11, 18, 25, and Feb 1st, Wednesdays from 9 :00 -11:00 AM ET.   The first series includes 2 over 1, Forcing NT and Intro to slam bidding with 1430 keycard Blackwood. 

Those who took this before loved the class.  In fact, there are now six unique 6-week series of Just Beyond Beginner Bridge.

Email jeffbadlerbridge@gmail.com if you have questions or to register.

The cost is $295 for 6-weeks, $260 with EASY PASS. 

To learn more about easy pass click here

To make a reservation or for any additional questions email jeffbadlerbridge@gmail.com or use the button below.