Bid with a Fit

with Shlomit Rind

Tuesday from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
September 13 – October 25 (no class on 9/27: holiday).

One of my favorite sayings is: “When the only tool in your toolbox is a hummer, it’s amazing how many things look like nails” (anonymous).
What does that saying have to do with bridge? When you bid your hand, and you find a fit with your partner’s suit, if you had only one bid to show a fit… you will most likely find yourself in the wrong contract.

This 6-week course will provide you with numerous tools for your bidding tool box. A prerequisite is a basic knowledge of the 2/1 bidding system. We will start with the basics of progress to advanced bidding. Below are some examples where there is a fit in spades:

If you miss a lesson, no worries… you will be provided with the recording and the hands that we practice in class.

Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot.

The cost is $290 for 6-weeks, $240 with EASY PASS. 

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