So You Think You Know Pre-empts?

SPECIAL 3-week Course with Joe Byrnes & Jeff Badler

Friday at 4:00 pm
Beginning January 13th, skipping January 27th

As beginners, you learn:

2   is a strong opening bid

2  2  2      are pre-emptive bids saying you have 6 of the suit, typically including 2 out of the top 3, or 3 out of the top 5.

Pre-emptive bids are generally weak, with a maximum of 10 points, since you would open 1 of the suit if you had a stronger hand. 

3 3  3  3   are pre-emptive bids saying you have 7 of the suit, typically including 2 out of the top 3, or 3 out of the top 5.

And you learned how to respond to your partner’s pre-emptive bids, sometimes raising the suit, passing or taking your partner to game. 

A preemptive bid accurately describes the number of cards in that suit and a general range of strength…all in one bid.

Remember that pre-emptive bids by your opponent are meant to make it more difficult for you to enter the auction and take up some of your bidding space.

How do you know when to overcall your opponent’s pre-empt?  What should you have in your hand and how many of your suit?  And when should you double the opponent’s pre-empt?

This of course begs the question, what should you do you do when your partner doubles over your opponent’s pre-empt?  You are forced to make a bid.  How do you let partner know if you had a good hand or weak one?

Here are some sample auctions:

How do you respond to your partner’s double?

How do you respond to your partner’s overcall?

Then there is this situation.  Your partner opened the auction and the opponents overcalled with a pre-empt:

Now what?  Do you respond to your partner or pass?

And to make it more interesting:

What you should have in your hand to go to 4♠ ?

Learn how to comfortably handle these situations in a new 3-lesson mini course taught by Joe Byrnes and Jeff Badler.  For those who don’t yet know Joe, he is an excellent teacher and a professional bridge player. Jeff has a huge online following, and his specialty is teaching absolute beginners through advanced beginner players.

You will receive a primer to make sure you are up to speed on the basics of pre-empts.  Also included are pre-lesson exercises, class notes and copies of the hands we play.  You will also get a recording so you can review the material.

This course is intended for beginners through low intermediate players.

Friday January 13, 20, (skip January 27), Feb 3   4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Email to register or if you have any questions..

The cost is $180 for 3 classes, $150 with EASY PASS. 

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