Patience Please

with Sara Bayone

WednesDays at 10:00 am starting November 2nd

Can it be that cards are not in your background? That’s happening more and more.  Because you may never have played trick-taking games like Hearts, Spades, or Pinochle, you may need quite a bit of time, more than is being afforded you in traditional classes, just to get used to seeing how the cards work. 
This is why we felt the need to design and offer this course!
We’ll slow the learning process down.
Take as much time as you like; take all the time you feel you need, all the time you feel you would ever want. The lessons don’t get harder. There are just more of them. More time for you to get comfortable building a solid foundation. Progress and move on at your own pace. Repetition is key. Seeing the same things over and over. Like hitting a tennis ball. So is having Sara Bayone as your guide. Her students have often compared her to a saint for being so gentle, patient, and nurturing.  
Why not give one session a try? Even better….Why not give one full 90 minute session a try on us? No charge. Kick the tires, take it for a spin around the block. 

Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot.

The cost is $35 per class, $20 with EASY PASS. 

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