Declarer Play

with Jeff Bayone Sundays at 5:00 pm It’s Sunday evening. Kick back, plan to entertain and be entertained with a set of very interesting hands. Prepare to play and be challenged by hand after thought-provoking hand, including at least one each evening that I hope will open your eyes to thinking outside the box.  Please email or use the button belowContinue reading “Declarer Play”

Reverses, Jump Shifts, and 2C Openings

with Jeff Bayone Thursday at 10:00 AM Your first course in each.For those of you who were never taught the fundamentals of these three strong opening bids, or were, rarely got the opportunity to practice them, and would like a review from the beginning.We’ll spend as much time as needed on each of these strong opening bids.In case youContinue reading “Reverses, Jump Shifts, and 2C Openings”

Weak 2 Bids

with Jeff Bayone WednesDays at 10:00 am Not your basic course. Rather these lessons have been designed with an eye towards competing in duplicate games. Much about sacrificing and the equities involved; how vulnerability enters into your decisions. Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot. The cost is $35 per class,Continue reading “Weak 2 Bids”

Bidding Basics

From the Very Beginning with Jeff Hand Tuesdays at 6:30 pm This course is designed to give you the most thorough bidding foundation imaginable. No stone is left unturned. Every bid, every sequence, is explained. Do you have gaps in your understanding of basic bidding concepts? Of course you do!  Almost everyone does. In preparationContinue reading “Bidding Basics”