Competitive bidding

with Joe Byrnes fridays at 10:00 am Topics include: How auctions continue after overcalls and takeout doubles. What are the requirements for negative, responsive, and support doubles? And the all-important…When to double for penalties! Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot. The cost is $40 per class, $25 with EASY PASS.  ToContinue reading “Competitive bidding”

Practice your defense

with Joe Byrnes Saturdays at 10:30 am Any topic on any hand. Joe just has you defending a bunch of hands. Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot. The cost is $40 per class, $25 with EASY PASS.  To learn more about easy pass click here

Patience Please

with Sara Bayone WednesDays at 10:00 am starting November 2nd Can it be that cards are not in your background? That’s happening more and more.  Because you may never have played trick-taking games like Hearts, Spades, or Pinochle, you may need quite a bit of time, more than is being afforded you in traditional classes, just to get used to seeing how the cards work. This is why we feltContinue reading “Patience Please”

Practice your competitive bidding skills

with Jeff Bayone WednesDays at 10:00 am Practice most competitive auctions with an eye towards how vulnerability can affect your decisions. Topics include: T/O doubles, Overcalls, Negative, Responsive and Penalty doubles, redoubles, Jordan 2NT, Preempts. weak jumps and cue-bids in competition,. Please email or use the button below to reserve your spot. The costContinue reading “Practice your competitive bidding skills”

Opening Leads

with Barbara Bayone Tuesday Evenings 6:30 pm – 8:00 PMBeginning September 13th skipping holidays Has anyone ever told you that more tricks are given away on opening lead than at any other time during the play of the hand? I have certainly experienced that pain when, after making my opening lead I realized I just gave awayContinue reading “Opening Leads”

Just Beyond Beginner Bridge

Series 3 with Jeff Badler Wednesdays 9:00 am – 11:00 amBeginning March 22nd You completed the Beginner Series. Congratulations. Or maybe you haven’t played in a while and need to brush up. This course is for you.  The third 6 week series of Just Beyond Beginner Bridge will focus on improving your declarer play skills.  In Just Beyond Beginner Bridge, Jeff willContinue reading “Just Beyond Beginner Bridge”

A Taste of Bridge

In-Person Beginner Series From the nation’s leading bridge school Beginner 1 Our Beginner 1 in-person course consists of five 2-hour lessons given once-per-weekThe course includes: $195 for the course, $75 deposit required Upcoming Classes Day Teacher Time Beginning March 27thMondays Mark Mariaschin 10:00 am – noon PLEASE INQUIRE BELOW IF INTERESTED If you are readyContinue reading “A Taste of Bridge”