Hank comes to Bridge and Games

TWO SPECIAL EVENTS We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with a new company called Hank, a digital platform connecting adults 55+ with like-minded people in their community who wish to connect with one another in-person. If this concept interests you, by all means, visit Hank at gethank.com As always, Joanne, Fran, and Rita will be your hosts forContinue reading “Hank comes to Bridge and Games”

Non- Competitive Auctions

with Jeff Bayone tuesdays at 10:00 am Practice most non-competitive auctions. You’ll be working on improving your 2/1 and 1/1 skills. then there will be New Minor Forcing, Inverted Minors, Jacoby, Stayman, Texas. We’ll be tackling 4th-suit-forcing auctions in the weeks to come. Please email jeffbayone65@gmail.com or use the button below to reserve your spot. The costContinue reading “Non- Competitive Auctions”

Finding Your Major Suit Fits

with Marla Lawson Tuesdays at 6:45 PM beginning January 10thRepeated Fridays at noon beginning january 13th This course will cover Negative and Support Doubles, New Minor Forcing, Smolen and other fun and instructive ways to distinguish between, and uncover, 7, 8, and 9 card major suit fits. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to some of the most usefulContinue reading “Finding Your Major Suit Fits”

Practice your slam bidding skills

with Jeff Bayone Thursday at 10:00 AM All sorts of strong opening sequences will be explored including Jacoby 2NT, flat and suited 2C openings, Reverses, Jump Shifts, RCKB, Splinters, Control Showing bids, and more. Since any and all of these may be thrown at you during the session, some knowledge of each would be helpful but not necessary. PleaseContinue reading “Practice your slam bidding skills”

Declarer Play for Intermediate Players

with Joe Byrnes Saturdays at 10:30 amStrong Intermediate-level course These sessions can be anything. There may be a blocked suit problem, a loser on loser play, an entry problem, a card combination, a hand where you have to delay drawing trump, or anything else Joe can come up with. You’ll just be playing hand after interesting hand.Continue reading “Declarer Play for Intermediate Players”