$65 per month

for unlimited discounted ONLINE lessons

EASY PASS is designed for our students who take multiple weekly online lessons with any and all of our instructors.EASY PASS begins the first of the month and can be put on hold or cancelled at the end of any month.

Each week, every monthly EASY PASS holders will receive a Zoom invite a Sunday complimentary lesson.
Besides the four free Sunday lessons, a $60 value on their own) EASY PASS gets you a $10 – $15 discount on every online lesson you take for the entire calendar month with any one of our nearly dozen instructors. In-person EASY PASS also gets you $5 off all Supervised Play sessions, as well as, $5 off Friday evening wine and bridge seminars.
Over 80 of our students are taking advantage of EASY PASS.

To register for EASY PASS please send an email to honorsbridge@gmail.com or click the button below.